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 Ursula Julve was born in Chile and grew up in Argentina. She studied Fine Arts and Architecture, earning her degree in 1979.
After graduating, she was awarded with a scholarship in Germany, where she spent the next two years specializing in Educational Architecture. During the time she lived in Europe, she traveled extensively, acquiring a profound knowledge of the Arts and European cultures.
After returning to Argentina, she was appointed Director of Culture and Art Development for Patagonia. She presented to the UNESCO the first comprehensive Study of Ecological, Historical and Architectural Sites of Patagonia.
She immigrated to the United States in 1990; residing in Orlando, Florida.
She developed many projects for the entertainment industry ( Disney, and Universal Studios)  In 2001, she started to work in Holistic Branding, as Head  Architect for Brand Architecture, working in projects for several companies (Coca Cola, Sweet Tomatoes, Jack in the Box, Odwalla Juices and Outback Steak Houses)
As an artist, she participated in many art exhibitions and was commissioned for several murals and commercial art projects.
In 1997, she was awarded with the Hispanic Art Achievers Distinction.
Currently she lives in Quebec, Canada with her 2 dogs Rex and Pepper working as a professional visual artist and designer.


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