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Art Awards and Distinctions

1973        Provincial Museum of Fine Art  (Tucuman-Argentina)
                         Illustrated Poetry Contest      3rd Honorable Prize 
1974        National Technical University (Argentina)
                         Cover for Technical Books    2rd Honorable Prize
1975        Jose Ordeňana Foundation   
                        Logo Design Contest      1st  Honorable Prize
1976        International Year of the Family   
                       Logo Design and Poster Design   1rd Honorable Prize
1977        25 Years Celebration of School of Architecture  
                         Poster Design      2nd Honorable Prize
1977        World’s Olympic games of Target Shooting 
                         Poster Design       1st Honorable Prize
1978        Commercial Fair of the Northwest of Argentina
                         Exhibit Stand          1st Honorable Prize
1978        International Year of Ecology 
                         Poster Design Contest      3rd Honorable Prize
1978        Special Edition of Juan B. Teran Biography 
                         Cover Books Design    3rd Honorable Prize 
1979        International Wood Symposium   
                        Poster Design      3rd Honorable Prize
1979        Tourism of the Argentine Northwest   
                       Poster Design    2nd Honorable Prize
1984        Educational Symposium of Patagonia   
                         Poster Design        1st  Honorable Prize
1985        Social Habitat of Patagonia
                         Poster Design        2nd  Honorable Prize
198          Preservation of our Patrimony   
                         Poster Design        1st  Honorable Prize
1987        Synopsis Trophy (Science and Art Achievers)  
                        Trophy Design         1st  Honorable Prize
1988        El Patagónico Newspaper   
                         Logo Design            1st  Honorable Prize

United States

1991        Florida AutoCAD Users Group 
                       Logo Design            1st  Honorable Prize
1997        Hispanic Corporate Achievers (Florida –USA)
                       Honor Award Hispanic Art Achiever 

2008        Seminole County  (Florida –USA)
               Selected artist for designing a poster for the Jazz Festival”


1972          Provincial Art Exhibit “El Cardon” (Tucuman-Argentina) 
                          Collective Art Exhibition.
1975          Provincial Museum of Fine Art  (Tucuman-Argentina)
                          Collective Art Exhibition.
1983          Austral Airlines
                        Solo Art Exhibition. “Northwest Landscapes”
1984          Tourism and Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tucuman
                        Solo Art Exhibition. “Vernacular Building and traditions”
1985          Tourism and Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tucuman
                         Art Exhibition. “Mother and daughter: Views of Nature
1988          National University of Patagonia
                       Cofounder of the School of Traditional arts of Patagonia
1981          Bayreuth Wagner Opera Season  (Germany)
                         Selected to participate as Assistant of Stage Design.
1981          Die Deutsche Post  (Germany)
                         Commission (by contest) for a Mural. 

United States
1993          Rollins College (Florida –USA)
                       Collective Art Exhibition. “Watercolors”
1995          Rollins College (Florida –USA)
                       Collective Art Exhibition. “Watercolors on plain air”
1998          Argentine Embassy and the City of Orlando (Florida –USA)
                       Collective Art Exhibition. “Tango”
1999          Orange County and the City of Orlando (Florida –USA)
                      Art Exhibition. “Landscapes of the Andes”
1999          Orange County and the City of Orlando (Florida –USA)
                       Collective Art Exhibition. “Landscapes of the Andes”
2001          City of Casselberry (Florida –USA)
                      Solo Art Exhibition. “Color and rhythms
2004          City of Casselberry (Florida –USA)
                       Collective Art Exhibition. “Women in the arts”



2012- 2016

Participated in several collectives art shows


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